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Aviva Community Fund

10 January 2017
Aviva Community Fund We are very pleased to be one of the winners.  A big thank you to everyone who voted for us. 

One of the most important elements in cat care is to ensure that you get your cat neutered. Female cats can reproduce from as young as only a few months old. They can produce up to 3 litters a year, so just one female cat could produce literally 100s of kittens in their lifetime.
Each year 1000s of unwanted kittens come into our care. It is an ongoing struggle to find forever homes for all the cats that come into the care of Cats Protection. Here at the Hornchurch Branch there are times we are full capacity and can physically take no more cats in. The simple procedure of neutering could prevent unwanted pregnancies and alleviate the pressure on our rehoming volunteers. The average price of neutering is about £60 (depending on male or female) and we appreciate that for some cat owners, who perhaps are struggling financially, this is a lot of money. 
We run a ‘reduced price’ neutering scheme for cat owners who want to do the right thing and be a responsible pet owner but simple cannot afford it. These are caring owners, who provide a loving home for their cat and just need a little help. They are often on a low income, such as pensioners – for whom their cat is often their only companion.
An Aviva grant would go a long way in helping us support these cat owners. Helping them to provide the best care they can give for the welfare of their pet. We appreciate that for many people their cat is not only a pet, but seen as a family member, there to greet them as they come through the door, for some people their cat can be their only company.