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Lucas formerly Monet very happy in his forever home

08 April 2017
Lucas formerly  Monet very happy in his forever home
I thought you might like an update on Lucas (Monet) now that he has lived with me for a year.
As you can see from the attached photos (of him playing in the bath and on his cat tree) he has grown a bit!  He has the softest fur of any cat I have ever known and we have lovely cuddles.  He is still very nervous of odd noises or new things and is shy of people he doesn't know well, particularly males and children.  To date he has only sat on my lap and those of two of my female friends.    
We still have a few minor concerns - his balance is a it off - he tends to fall off things, including my lap!  He has also got lost in the road we live in a couple of times and it took him months to learn to use the cat flap.  From his behaviour and the opinion of two vets that I took him to, the general consensus is that he probably has mild brain damage from being hit on the head before he was rescued. These issues don't seem to bother him and he is a happy and playful cat.  He is still very naughty, a dreadful thief when it comes to treats and he makes me laugh every day!
Fortunately, he does not seem to be a very good hunter - he proudly presents me with pigeon feathers which we then have to play fetch with but, to date, he has not caught anything bigger than a moth or spider. He is also completely obsessed with cotton buds and can sniff them out in any room or handbag! 
My only real concern has been that he sometimes bites, without warning, and hard - breaking my skin.  I think this is probably due to him either not spending enough time with his mum and siblings and/or rough play or treatment when he was little.  We have been working on this and things are improving over time.  I think he now realises that this is his forever home and that I will never hurt him (apart from doing dreadful things like applying spot-on flea treatment!).  This year's big challenge will be putting him in a cattery for the first time.
We are the best of friends and I am glad that I can make him happy after his rather difficult start.  Thank you for rescuing him and trusting me to have him.