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Message from Cotton


I am a little black cat with a white mask and bib and white paws and my name is Cotton. I have just had a litter of kittens who were very noisy and energetic and before that there was a litter of kittens and before that, I don't remember - I don't do counting. They have all gone to forever homes now. Alison who looks after me says I won't have any more kittens which is a relief. It is much quieter now and I can get some rest - they really were quite a paw-full to bring up and I am not very old myself I don't think.

But I confess I am a bit lonely now. I am living in a warm and cosy cat pen and am very safe and secure with lots of lovely food. I get lots of fuss and attention - I do love lots of strokes and cuddles. What I would like is a special person of my own and a home to live in with my own bed and toys. I don't mind other cats or people but I think I would quite like to be the only cat so I can relax and have all the space to myself. And I would prefer to live with a couple or single person so I can get all the attention. I would also like to be able to go out in a garden for a potter round and to lie in the sun when it is warm. 

I have been staying with Alison for quite a while now but no one has offered me a home. I think it is because I am an ordinary black and white cat. But Alison says I am special and there is a special kind person out there for me they just haven't seen my picture yet. So here I am after a wash and brush up showing you my best side. Please offer me a home so I can share your life with you.

Much love and purrs, Cotton.

If you would like to meet this very special young lady, please call us on 01708 755 211.

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